Terms of Service

I. Definitions


ModeView service operates according to the definition provided by the Act of 18 July 2002 on Providing Services by Electronic Means.


ModeView is an internet service offering its users an opportunity to manage presentations of the objects (products) in the form of multimedia files (360 presentations, video files, photo files) available at http://www.modeview.eu.


The administrator and owner of the service is MODE Spółka Akcyjna with its seat in Straszyn, 8 Leśna St., NIP (Tax Identification Number): 957-102-96-51.


Defined access plan to Mode View Service under which the Customer can store the resources.


Natural or legal person who upon accepting the rules and regulations was assigned an account and who uses the service under the subscription.


Person registered on the Customer's account with an individual login and password. Any number of Users may be registered to the Customer's account.


Part of the Service available upon User's login in, enabling to carry out operations on the Stored resources that are property of the Customer.


Information, data, multimedia materials, names, logos, graphic designs, symbols that are Customer's property and are post in the Service by the Administrator and User.


Operations available to carry out on the resources stored by the Customer under the service.


Key functionality that enables the User to publish and share Customer's stored resources.

II. General rules

1. By registering, the Customer declares that he/she has familiarized with the Rules and Regulations and accepts it.

2. Service is available at www.modeview.eu.

3. Service provides Stored Resources Publishing functionalities.

4. Administrator registers all resources along with IP addresses from which they were added and removed.

5. Administrator shall not be liable for any damages caused by incorrect use of the Service by the Users and the problems with Service functioning if they are a result of events that the Administrator was not able to foresee or prevent on a best effort basis, in particular problems with Service functioning connected with the quality of services provided directly by the network operators, hardware failure, force majeure events or unauthorized interference.

6. User shall be fully liable for breaching third parties' rights including copyrights and personal rights. In case of any claims against the Administrator resulting from the User using of the Service, the User shall undertake all measures against the referred claims of the third parties at his own cost and shall pay for all justified costs bore by the Administrator as a result of the referred claims filed by the third parties.

7. Administrator shall make every effort to ensure that the Service operates correctly, however, does not guarantee keeping of the resources and data provided. Their eventual loss cannot be subject of any claims against the Administrator. The User should ensure own back up copy of the resources stored under the Service.

8. Administrator shall make every effort to ensure that the Service servers operate failure-free and are available 24/7. However, Administrator does not guarantee connection availability and reserves the right to withhold the availability of the Service pages due to the technical reasons.

9. Messages sent by the Administrator to the e-mail provided by the User shall be deemed effectively delivered.

III. Customer's copyrights

1. When posting the resources in the Service, the User must be the author or receive the consent to be able to publish or use them.

2. By posting the resources in the Service, the Service User declares that he/she holds the copyrights or license to distribute and use them within the scope necessary for their use in the Service according the Rules and Regulations.

3. By posting the resources, the User transfers the copyrights and personal rights to the resources posted and belonging to the entitled persons to the Administrator and gives the consent to publish the resources in the Service and use them within the scope determined by the Rules and Regulations.

4. Service Administrator undertakes to protect Customer's resources, in particular not to render the resources that have not been marked by the Customer Published available.

5. It is forbidden to post resources that include illegal content breaching in any way the law in force.

IV. Administrator's Service copyrights

1. Administrator is the owner of the Service and all its elements along with the software and therefore holds all copyrights thereof.

V. Personal data and privacy policy

1. Personal data is collected and processed by the Administrator in compliance with the rules provided by the law, including the Act on Personal Data Protection and the Rules and Regulations.

2. Upon registering, the User is obligated to provide real personal data, including first and last name, e-mail, address and contact phone number. The data will not be available to the other Service Users.

3. By accepting the Rules and Regulations, the User gives the Administrator the consent to process, collect, preserve, compile, share and remove User's personal data within the scope necessary for the Administrator to provide the Service.

4. As long as the User keeps the account, he/she agrees to receive Technical Information concerning Service functioning, including information about account expiry, new functionalities, technical breaks, etc.

5. Under the Account, Service User has the right to view his data and edit or remove it.

VI. Cookies

1. The Service uses cookies and similar technologies. By using the Service you accept it. Limited use of cookies introduced by the web browser may cause the web pages to work incorrectly.

VII . Payments

1. User is able to use the Service subject to the subscription plan. Conditions and types of plans (including price) are published by the Administrator on the Service webpage.

VIII . Complaints

1. Complaints concerning Service functioning can be submitted by the User via e-mail to the following address: [email protected]

2. Within 14 days as of the date of filing a complaint, the User shall be informed about the mode according to which the complaint will be resolved. Information shall be provided through the same means the complaint was submitted.

IX . Other information

1. To all matters not regulated by the Rules and Regulations, Polish law shall apply.

2. Service Administrator reserves the right to introduce changes to the Rules and Regulations. The User shall be informed about all modifications made to the Rules and Regulations by e-mail.

3. The Rules and Regulations enters into force on 8 July 2013 and shall remain in force until it is changed or annulled.​